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Poker was first brought to the US by French settlers in 1829  in New Orleans, and no doubt existed in history for centuries before that. Integral to poker are versions of the game called wild poker, where one or more cards are wild, such as Jokers, Deuces, or other named cards by the dealer, or sometimes by the players.

  • The World Series of Poker was first shown on TV in 1973, and continues its popularity
  • Online poker started January 1st, 1998
  • Regulations messed up the momentum of the initial online poker activities, but have settled into more acceptability now.
  • 100 million people play poker online
  • Poker remains highly popular at physical casinos
  • Poker has been tagged as “the most lucrative sport in the world” by some

While wild poker has a legacy of naming some card to be a wild card, to echo a card that is needed in the hand, the new realities of online poker and integration of social media opens a whole new realm of what would be possible with the WildPoker.com brand, well beyond mere wild cards in a standard poker deck. Games are unlimited, and could be a whole new generation of poker play in live casinos, online casinos, multi-player gaming, social media integrated game play, and even wild poker in the metaverse.

The meaningful domain WildPoker.com is now available for acquisition. There is no better domain name nor brand to encompass Wild Poker, and all the traditional and modern variations it could manifest in the future. Once acquired, the domain will likely be forever off the market. 

Remember this very important fact: you have only one exact match .com domain name. It is the scarcest of assets, and therefore, the most valuable. Once it is off the market, it is most likely gone forever, and not having it could critically impact your business in many ways, including all facets of your marketing, branding, fundraising, and an eventual future sale.”  ~ Andrew Miller and Richard Harroch, Forbes article, Aug 27, 2022 


WildPoker.com is available for a one time capital investment of $888,888, and the nominal recurring annual renewal at your registrar of choice. 

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Wild Poker Market Reports

Wild Poker Market Valuation by The Business Research Company:

  • The global gambling market size is expected to grow from $287.43 billion in 2021 and $458.93 billion in 2022 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 59.7%.
  • The global social casino market reached $4.64 billion in 2020, grew at a CAGR of 5%
  • The gambling market is expected to reach $458.93 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 18.4%.
  • Brand loyalty draws the customers towards trying slot games revolving around their favorite characters.
  • The various channels include offline, online, virtual reality (VR) and is used in several end users such as gambling enthusiasts, social exuberant, others.
  • Source: The Business Research Company :Gambling Global Market Report

Wild Poker Market Valuation by QYResearch as Reported by Market Reports World:

  • In 2020, the global Slot Machines market size was US$ 2937.1 million and is expected to reach US$ 3259.7 million by the end of 2027 at a CAGR of 1.5%.
  • The segmental analysis focuses on sales, revenue and forecast by region, by country, company, type, application and by sales channels for the period 2016-2027.
  • The top five producers account for about 75% of the revenue market.
  • North America is the biggest consumption value area, which occupied over 60% of the consumption market in 2018.
  • Source: News Channel Nebraska : Global Video Poker Machines Industry Research

Wild Poker Market Valuation by Fortune Business Insights:

Wild Poker Market Valuation by Grand View Research:

  • The global online gambling market size was valued at USD 57.54 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% % from 2022 to 2030.
  • The increasing use of mobile phones among users for playing online games in public places as well as in their homes
  • For instance, Bangladesh has experienced an internet growth of more than 93% from 2000 to 2021
  • In terms of devices, the desktop segment generated a significant revenue of approximately USD 28 billion and Europe dominated the market  with a market size of USD 23.63 billion in 2021.
  • The region is expected to grow with approximately 13% CAGR over the forecasted period.
  • For instance, in August 2021, DraftKings Inc. acquired Golden Nugget Online Gaming, Inc.
  • Source : Grand View Research:Online Gambling Market Size.

Wild Poker Market Valuation by Globe News Wire as Reported by Research and Markets :

  • The global market for Casinos estimated at $123.4 Billion USD in the year 2020 and Reach $153.2 Billion by 2026